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BeanIoT(TM) - The Internet of Things is in your hands

BeanIoT(TM) uniquely provides a powerful "Out-of-the-Box", "Internet of Things" solution fit for use by many businesses, across many sectors and applications.

Our highly versatile "Wearable", "Deployable" Edge-Node is easily configured to securely deliver targeted data to any system.

BeanIoT nodes are backed by our hugely powerful and flexible integrated IoT Platform, native App and Data Visualisation service.


Easy. Useful. Secure. Surprising. 

BeanIoT(TM) differentiates the IoT experience by uniquely offering:

  • Unique User Experience - IoT out of the Box
  • Unique BeanIoT hardware:
    • Attractive and robust Edge-Node "Wearable" / "Deployable"
      • International Patent Application: WO2016/166547 Pending
      • Industrial Design (OHIM Registered): 002689125 & 002737502
  • Software:
    • Multi-Platform consumer App
    • Secure User Data account
    • Intuitive dashboard addresses wide range of capabilities needed for the Internet of Things
  • Data-Control:
    • BeanIoT-POD(TM) Integral IoT Platform
      • Secure transport
      • Flexible / powerful / actionable real-time trigger and insight
    • Connection to wider world via 3rd party API and data sets
    • User retains full, control and ownership of their own "Big Data". 
    • Our customers decide
      • Where data is measured
      • What data is recorded
      • How it is used and shared.
Bean I oT-POD - Visualise and Connect Live Data Streams from Edge nodes to the Internet of Things

BeanIoT-POD - Visualise and Connect Live Data Streams from Edge nodes to the Internet of Things

BeanIoT -POD(TM)

BeanIoT-POD(TM) provides seamless data collection to the Internet of Things (IoT).

  • Secure User Account login
  • Configurable views and triggers



Out-Of-the-BOX IoT

Deploy BeanIoT Edge-Nodes into any target system, anywhere. Then, define parameters and triggers to instantly receive useful notifications and interactions with anyone or anything, anywhere.


Triggers and Notifications

Receive SMS, Social Media messages or targeted emails in response to simple or complex triggers and trends

Create desired action outputs to the wider System allowing automated responses

MACRO Data-Sets

Add Open-Source datasets (e.g. Local Weather / Commodity pricing / GPS coordinates) to enhance your System.

You know your business needs. You are the experts.  

BeanIoT(TM) will help you deliver.


BeanIoT provides new levels of flexibility, behavioural insight and returned efficiencies widely reported and predicted in key, high-volume IoT markets and applications. Examples of use in sectors include:

  • Smart building
    • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), HVAC, gestured lighting control
  • Track & Seek
    • Locate keys/ glasses/ purse/ phone/ smart watch
    • Parcel transit data-logger
  • Sports & Wellbeing
    • Team performance
    • High impact alert
    • Assisted living incl. fall detection and proximity
  • Agri-Tech
    • Bulk storage & remote condition monitoring
    • Valued asset tracking
    • Waste reduction
  • Entertainment
    • Crowd / entertainment
    • Gesture / game controller / Air-Mouse
  • Retail / Advertising
    • In-store promotion (Beacon) / smart label.
    • Footfall / door activity monitoring
    • Incoming / shipment goods monitoring
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Introducing BeanIoT(TM)