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Edge-to-Edge IoT Solutions

BeanIoT(TM) is a highly configurable, "wearable", "deployable" IoT "edge-device".

Designed to be worn, carried (in the pocket) or simply deployed throughout the home or factory, the BeanIoT(TM) builds an adaptive wireless mesh network of static or moving nodes.

Each device has a common array of environmental sensors which, when combined with latest advances in low-power radio and software, securely collects your "Big Data" and makes it work for you.

BeanIoT(TM) works in concert with the Cloud and other qualified IoT nodes to create a powerful, secure, true "edge-to-edge" network.

BeanIoT(TM) measures and responds to an extensive range of stimuli.

It offers the user a completely new experience through unique gesture controls or via the cross-platform App.

BeanIoT(TM) is designed to work seamlessly with other leading smart systems, locally, or through gateways to the "Cloud" creating a true, secure "edge-to-edge" IoT.


Any great user experience starts with simple intuitive operation

Easy. Useful. Secure. Surprising. 


BeanIoT(TM) differentiates the IoT experience by uniquely offering:

  • Robust / attractive hardware: Edge-Node (Patent pending / Registered Industrial Design)
  • Software: Multi-Platform consumer App / Development API / Connection to 3rd party API
  • Data-Control: The user retains full control of their own "Big Data". Both where it is stored and where it goes.
  • Insight: "Big data" works harder by securely connecting to trusted Insight-as-a-Service partners.

BeanIoT(TM) promises to deliver new levels of flexibility, behavioural insight and returned efficiencies in key high-volume IoT markets and applications. See examples below:

  • Smart building
    • Air quality, HVAC, gestured lighting control
  • Track & Seek
    • Locate keys/ glasses/ purse/ phone/ smart watch
    • Parcel transit data-logger
  • Sports & Wellbeing
    • Gauge performance and team interplay
    • Assisted living incl. fall detection and proximity
  • Agri-Tech
    • Bulk storage & conditioning (e.g. grain / potatoes)
    • Valued asset tracking
  • Entertainment
    • Crowd / entertainment
    • Gesture / game controller / Air-Mouse
  • Retail / Advertising
    • Beacon / in-store promotion
    • Product information at point of sale
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Introducing BeanIoT(TM)